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Executive Coaching Services: What to Expect

by | May 26, 2021 | Executive Coaching

Typical executive coaching services, run the gamut from 1-1 coaching to help you set and achieve life goals, to breaking through stuck periods, to career transitions, to team communication, and more. Executive coaches specialize in some or all of these areas.

What are typical executive coaching services?

Understanding what executive coaches offer helps to take a step back and understand the history of professional coaching.

Coaching has been around for a while but became far more mainstream when the likes of Jack Kanfield, Byron Katie, Tony Robbins, and others became public figures championing the benefits of coaching.

Most recently, it’s been revealed that many of the top CEOs in the world including Steve Jobs, Larry Paige, and more, all have used executive coaches at different points in their careers.

In the last decade, coaching has gone from an executive perk to a widely touted tool for any leader who is looking to level up. In this time, the types of executive coaching services have evolved dramatically as well.

A quick reminder on what is executive coaching…

As noted above, there are many flavors and methods to how executive coaches work. The best way to think about how a good coach operates is to think a bit about how a traditional coach works.

At one point, when I was stuck in my climbing progress, I hired a rock climbing coach.

They began by asking me questions–when did I start climbing? What inspires me about the activity? What are my strengths and weaknesses? These questions helped the coach attune to my goals, personality, and life.

Then, we started working together. Our work together included teaching and then watching. When I did a move a certain way, rather than tell me a better way to do it, the coach would inquire, why did you make a move that way vs another? What other options did you see? In this way, the coach not only helped me improve my technique but my thinking about the sport and my ability to grow myself.

All of this is similar to how a typical executive coach will operate. They ask big open-ended questions to get to know you. As new work challenges show up, they help you reflect on what well and what didn’t as it relates to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and lastly, they are trained in a variety of executive skills to help you push yourself to new levels of success.

Specifically, what are some executive coaching services?

Typical, executive coaching services include:

  • Personality typing – to help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and triggers.
  • Communication and Mediation – interpersonal skill development and mediation to help teammates navigate difficult conversations.
  • 1-1 Coaching – typically thinking of a client holistically and helping you grow in your career with your broader life goals in mind.
  • Career Transitions – whether making a change internally or to a new job/company, many coaches help you develop new strategies to work through such changes.

How much do typical executive coaching services cost?

Different coaches structure their programs differently. Some charge a monthly fee, others charge per call. Some have a program with a clear end date, others offer open-ended services and support that is meant to continue for longer periods.

It’s safe to say that the higher-tier executive coaches charge anywhere from $250 – $500/hour and the very best executive coaches charge far more than this.

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