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How much do Executive Coaches make?

by | May 18, 2021 | Executive Coaching

How do I become a Life Coach?

When it comes to becoming a life coach, the number one question people ask is: how much money will I make? Of course, if you’re considering life coaching you’re already someone who wants to help others, but like anyone looking at a career change, you have to make sure you’ll be able to support yourself while you’re at it. Coach Rally is here to help you get to the bottom of some of the questions you might have as you make the transition to executive coaching.

What is the difference between a life coach and an executive coach?

At the most basic level, life coaches and executives coach both work with their clients to set and achieve goals. The difference between the two comes from what exactly those goals concern. As a life coach, you will work with your client to set and achieve goals for their personal life, while as an executive coach you will work with business executives to achieve professional aspirations. Sometimes this means that the goals you focus on are more measurement-based, but this is dependent on your practice.

Is executive coaching a good career?

Executive coaching can be a great career if you are someone who enjoys helping others reach their full potential. This is especially true if you are also someone who enjoys or has experience in the business world, as you will be working with top executives in companies. By helping these executives improve their professional lives, you will also be helping their company and employees, creating a better workplace for everyone.

Can you make a living as an executive coach?

Along with being an extremely rewarding career, executive coaching pays well. According to the Harvard Review, executive coaches make $500 per hour but have an earning potential of up to $3,500 an hour as they build up their experience and clientele. As an executive coach, you have a lot more freedom than you do when working directly for a business, and this freedom allows for higher earnings and a more personalized approach to your own professional life. You can even practice executive coaching on the side if you want to keep your day job.

How long does it take to be an executive coach?

You can start practicing as an executive coach at any time, as there is no required degree to become an executive coach. If you’re looking to get into executive coaching, Coach Rally is a great place to start your journey. While there’s no official certification needed to become an executive coach, there are lots of ways you can fast-track your career and better prepare yourself for your role as an executive coach.

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