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The Unbundling of Coaching

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Executive Coaching, Life Coaching

One of the most important changes happening in the coaching industry is the increase of coach specialization.

As coaching has become broadly accepted in the corporate world, with more and more leaders hiring coaches, the increase in-demand has led to an increase in coach training and specialization.

Today, there are coaches who specialize in everything from “Team Communication” to “Mindfulness” to “Money-Management,” and more. See the graphic below to discover “7 Types of Coaches You Didn’t Know Existed,” which may be perfect for you or your company.



See below for our recommended coaches in each of the above categories:

Recommended Sleep Coach: Devin Burke

Recommended Breath Coach: Kasper van der Meulen

Recommended Meditation Coach: Tara Brach

Recommended Relationship Coach: Jessica Yip

Recommended Financial Coach: The SF Money Coach

Recommended Co-Founder Coach: Sharpend Coaching



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