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Best Free Life Coaching Certification Trainings of 2021

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Best Ofs, Life Coaching

Looking for online courses to expand your life coaching skills and training?  Want to know the best free courses available to grow as a life coach? 

This article identifies and highlights the best free online courses to learn new modalities and skills as a life coach. And while some of these courses may help you towards certification within a specific coaching school, these courses are add-ons, not full life coaching certification programs (all of which are far more in-depth, involving small-group training, pod-based learning, and more).


Here are our top picks by category:


  • Best free supplemnetal life coaching course. Positive Psychology. Why? Positive psychology is one of the most popular coaching modalities being taught today and this free online course is taught by one of the pioneers in the field. 
  • Best free life coaching course, that is part of a larger certification program: New Ventures West, Introduction to Coaching 
  • Best free resource out there. Richard Rohr’s “Discernment of the Spirits.” Why? Richard Rohr is a masterful teacher and this online course is one of the deepest and most nuanced explorations of the Enneagram out there.

Below are out in-depth rankings broken into three categories:

-Best Courses

-Best Free Intros to Certification

-Best Free Life Coaching Resources

Best free online courses to help you become a better life coach.

1. Positive Psychology w/ Martin Seligman

Enroll here.


This online Coursera class is led by Upenn professor and positive psychology pioneer, Martin Seligman. The curriculum digs into research and theories that underpin positive psychology, as well as strategies on how to use this knowledge to thrive personally and professionally.  Learning to use these techniques on yourself allows you to bring this knowledge to your clients.  

Key Features:

  • Taught by Martin Seligman, one of the founders of “Positive Psychology.”
  • Self-directed, complete the course at your own pace.
  • 80+ hours of coursework, offering a deep well of knowledge.

2. The Science of Well Being

Enroll here.


Recognized in our Best Online Coaching Courses of 2021, Professor Laurie Santos’ free Coursera course on “The Science of Well Being” is a great supplemental course for any life coach to complete and gain a deeper understanding on the science of happiness and positive psychology.

Key Features:

  • Led by Laurie Santos, a preeminent, Yale researcher, on happiness.
  • 19 hours of in-depth coursework.
  • Deepen your understanding of “positive intelligence.”

3. Life Coaching 101

Enroll here.


This 2-3 hour course is meant to be an overview to help prospective life coaches or beginner life coaches learn more about the field and how to be successful. It does not have a large emphasis on learning actual coaching skills.

Key Features:

  • A synopsis of the life coaching industry.
  • Good insight into what it takes to build a successful coaching practice.
  • 4.5 rating with over 800 reviews.

Best free introduction to life coaching courses that lead into a full life coaching certification program.

1. New Ventures West


New Ventures West (NVW) ranked #2 in our the Best Life Coaching Certification Programs of 2021 offers a variety of free coach training opportunities including free half-day workshops, free coaching sessions, free 2-hour events, and free Q&A sessions with NVW master coaches.

Key Features:

  • NVW is one of the top-ranked coaching programs. Learn from their veteran teachers.
  • Integral Learning Labs offer a good introduction to NVW’s “Integral Coaching” style including embodying, inner work, poetry, movement, and more.

2. Animas Introduction to Coaching


Animas is a UK-based life coaching program that ranks #7 in our Best Life Coaching Certification Programs of 2021. Their free intro gives you a sample of the program, with the hope to sell you on the full program.

Key Features:

  • 3 hours of live coaching and tutorials.
  • Fully virtual.
  • Led by expert coaches.
  • A sample of what life coaching in general and Animas life coaching in particular is all about.

 Who is it for?

Anyone who is in process of finding their life coaching program or who is exploring the field.


 Animas is not our top ranked full-length life coaching program although it’s still a good program.


3. iPEC On-Demand Content


iPEC is a global and well-regarded life coaching program with a large staff of master coaches who offer a range of live webinars Q&A’s and on-demand content to support new or developing coaches.

Key Features:

  • iPEC’s global staff creates a high volume of free content, and offers a range of perspectives and coaching styles to learn from.
  •  Examples of past content includes: “Culturally Conscious Conversations,” “Unlock Life’s Possibilities,” and “Live Q&A’s.”

Best free life coaching resources to increase your impact as a coach.

1. Richard Rohr’s “Discernment of the Spirits” Enneagram course.

Free on Youtube and incredible content for any life coaches that use the Enneagram in their work.

2. The “Coaching for Leaders” podcast.

Dave Stachowiak’s weekly podcast focuses on succinct, punchy interviews with expert coaches and workplace experts and is an amazing resource for coaches looking to grow.

3. The International Coaching Federation Calendar of free life coaching events.


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