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Best Spiritual Coaching Certification Programs 2021

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Best Ofs, Mindfulness Coaching

The goal of all coaching is to help individuals get unstuck, grow, and find greater fulfillment. Exceptional coaches all recognize that to reach the highest levels of potential requires spiritual growth.

For the purposes of this guide we look at spiritual coaching certification prorgrams in a few select focus areas:

-Mindfulness Coaching Certification

-Meditation Coaching Certification

-Spiritual Training and Certifications

-Christian Life Coaching certification

-Buddhist Life Coaching and Certification

 Best Mindfulness Coach Certification:

Mindfulness is a good place to start when it comes to spiritual coaching certification, as mindfulness is both a practice for spiritual contemplation as well as in positive psychology, self-reflection and other traditional coaching modalities.

Best Mindfulness Training: Sounds True Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (w/ Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield)

Overview: In a world saturated with claims to spiritual healing, Sounds True stands out in quality and reputation. Alums are not only certified by the Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California Berkeley but also receive ongoing professional mentoring from an international group of highly respected meditation teachers.

Online training sessions combined with two in-person events in the Washington, DC area, this teacher certification program, led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, also features guest teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Dan Siegel, Kristin Neff, and more. 

Cost: Sounds True mindfulness teacher training costs $6,700 for a full two-year program grounded in the transformational principles of meditation, the interface of Western psychology and cutting-edge science, skill-building lessons/applications, as well as an engaged community dedicated to transforming consciousness.

Program Length: Sounds True certification program is a two-year program. The first two programs have been filled so make sure to enroll as soon as possible as applications are reviewed on a first-come basis.

Pros:  Sounds True is distinguished in its standard to create more qualified mindfulness meditation teachers to meet the growing popularity and demand of these needs.  Providing a wide range of instructors, this program features some of the world’s most respected meditation teachers such as Tara Brach Ph.D., John Kornfield Ph.D., and even guest speaker Dr. Deepak Chopra.

You can expect in-depth training in the essential practices of mindfulness and compassion in the form of the most creative and quality teachings.

Cons: At this point, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach are keeping the Sounds True certification program relatively small so there is often a waitlist. This is a benefit for those accepted but means there are very limited spots available. This in addition to the cost (higher than many other programs) is both cons.

Lastly, this is a course for already trained and active mindfulness practitioners. To be eligible to apply, you’ll have to have practiced meditation for a minimum of two years and maintain a regular practice, receive a letter of recommendation from a meditation/spiritual teacher, and complete two prerequisites listed on their website here.

Virtual Offerings? Yes, aside from the two in-person workshops, all of Sounds True courses are being offered online.

Best Meditation Training: Chopra Coaching Certification Program

Overview: The Chopra Coaching Certification Program draws from the best practices in life and health coaching methodology, neuroscience, positive psychology, and Deepak Chopra’s life work. Chopra offers a couple of different certification programs to help you develop techniques to teach others.


  • Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program ($800-1,000, 4 weeks)
  • Chopra Meditation Enrichment ($1,350-2,195, 7 weeks)
  • Chopra Meditation Instructor Certification ($2,295-2,495, 10 weeks)
  • Chopra Health Certification Program ($2,500, 10 weeks)
  • Chopra Coaching Certification Program ($2,245-2,495, 12 weeks).

Program Length: As noted above, Chopra offers a variety of different programs and certifications. However, to complete the Chopra Coaching Certification Program, you’ll need to take the Chopra Meditation and Chopra Health Teacher Training as well as the Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program. So while the Chopra Coaching Certification program is 12 weeks, you’ll have to consider the additional program lengths as they are prerequisites to the certificate program.

Pros: In Chopra’s training, you’ll learn well-being fundamentals, immerse yourself into a process of effectively delivering coaching strategy, and be given a one-of-a-kind toolbox to artfully deliver these experiences to your clients. Additionally, Chopra’s Coaching Certification Program, although 12 weeks of sessions, can be completed in 6 hours. Developed by some of the leading well-being and mindfulness experts in the world, including Deepak Chopra, the certification curriculum also includes regular practice coaching, peer and instructor feedback, and connection to a like-minded global community of Chopra alumni.

Cons: Both the Chopra Meditation and Chopra Health Teacher Trainings are prerequisites for the Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program. You’ll only be eligible to enroll in the Chopra Coaching Certification Program after or with concurrent enrollment in the Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program. That means to become a certified Well-being Coach, you’ll have to complete additional programs.

Virtual Offerings? Yes, all of Chopra’s courses are offered online.

Best Christian Coaching Program: The Living School for Action and Contemplation

Overview: Founded in 1987 by Franciscan Richard Rohr, the Center for Action and Contemplation is an educational non-profit introducing seeker to the contemplative Christian path of transformation.  

Cost: Online courses ($120 per participant except for Introductory Wisdom School and The Divine Exchange which are $195 per participant), Coach Intensive ($500, 2-full days), Spiritual Coach Certification-Core Program ($2,500, six-month program).

Program Length: As noted above, The Living School offers the Spiritual Coach Certification Core Program which is six months, the and Coach Intensive course that is only two days long.

Pros: The Living School for Action and Contemplation’s curriculum is grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition and Franciscan Alternative Orthodoxy. If you value developing a study that blends contemplation and action and emphasizes a more conscious union with Divine Reality, this program is for you. 


At this point, the Living School is not affiliated with any church or institution of higher education and so formal degrees or certifications are not offered. Another con is that the optional second-year intensive with Cynthia Bourgeault or James Finley is subject to availability.

Virtual Offerings? Yes, all of The Living School coursework such as readings, dialogues, and teachings are offered online. 

Best General Spiritual Training: Holistic Learning Center

Overview: Holistic Learning Center roots from a Dharmic intention to support the holistic community by expanding inner awareness and remaining spiritually conscious human beings.  Providing coaches and active education and a clinically proven self-mastery methodology (HuMethod™), Holistic Learning Center produces result-driven coaches with a wide range of advanced life skills.


  • $2,995 for an Independent Study Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course
  • $295 for a Spiritual Transformation Certificate Course
  • $495 for a Self-Mastery Certificate Course

Other costs: The cost above is to complete Holistic Learning Center’s independent training. For interactive tele-classroom coaching courses, HLC also offers an Interactive Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Course, which costs $5,023 as well as Coach’s 101 Orientation Class, which costs $290. 

Program Length: 

-Coach’s 101 Orientation class: Interactive 2-hour class with instructor and classmates 

-Certification Program: Over 36 hours of interactive class time with instructor and classmates, unlimited 1-1 with a certified instructor, and more.


Holistic Learning Center provides multiple options to become a spiritual life coach via independent study or in an interactive classroom. These online classes allow students to develop foundational coaching skills in a classroom setting with classmates and instructors. HLC also offers free courses for students who are interested in experiencing introductory coaching exercises on their online course platform at no cost. 


Although Holistic Learning Center provides payment plans, the costs of their certification course are pretty steep. However if receiving a coaching certification that is qualified to be Board Certified, Holistic Practitioners by the Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, this program may be for you.

Virtual Offerings? Holistic Learning Center offers an entirely virtual certification program.

Other Coaching Programs

The above programs are the best spiritual coaching programs we recommend; however, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is available for coaching certification or continuing education. Here are some additional programs we recommend you look into:

  • Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, The Path Online Meditation Training: This $1,800 training is limited to only 28 students and takes place over three months. You can expect to attend 12 classes and meet for one hour each week in small pods to practice teaching.
  • School of Positive Transformation Meditation Certification Program: Taught by Itai Ivtzan, this course is great for new professionals looking to add mindfulness meditation to their current skills. Accredited by the Certified Professional Development and International meditation and Mindfulness Alliance, this certification is only $540 or two payments of $280 making it an affordable option for those on a budget.
  • Three Jewels 200 Hour Online Meditation Teacher Training: Led by Hector Marcel, the Three Jewels Meditation training is a beginner or intermediate meditation training that is offered at a reasonable price so ideal for new coaches or those looking to learn and bolster new skills.
  • The Veda Center’s 200 Hr At Home Meditation Teacher Training: This At-Home Meditation Teacher Certification Program can be a useful addition to your coaching skills especially if you are looking for a well-organized course you can take from your home. The course takes approximately 100 days with only a 2 hour a day commitment.
  • Sura Flow Liberate Program Meditation Teacher Certification: A 12-week course taught by meditation coach Sura Kim, this program focuses on the niche of meditation coaching. You can expect 15-20 hours of engagement every week as well as a network of students and alum to support your continued growth even after you graduate.


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