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Animas Life Coach Certification Program Review

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Life Coaching, Reviews

This review is written by a coach who has completed Animas’ Life Coaching Certification program and in conversation with other Animas coaches to give you an accurate picture of the Animas’ life coaching certification program.

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£4,595 (approximately $6,500)

Perfect for:

  • Wellness practitioners looking for additional skills and a cost-efficient coach certification option.
  • New coaches.
  • UK-based coaches.

Program Strengths:

  • Learning and practicing fundamental coaching skills.
  • Developing the confidence to begin working w/ clients.
  • A focus on the practical application of coaching skills.


6 months to 2 years+ depending on how quickly you complete the courses and certification process.

ddemonstrExploring the Program

Animas was established in 2008 and has quickly become one of the UK’s leading coach training schools with in person training facilities in London and Edinburgh (as well as now offering virtual certification programs to coaches all over the world).

The Animas Life Coaching Approach:

Animas teaches a methodology called “Transformational Coaching” which focuses on a humanistic approach to inquiry and change, as opposed to a primarily performance-focused approach.

Animas further explains “Transformational Coaching” as having four key, interconnected elements, which are: holistic (paying attention to all dimensions of a client from somatic to emotional to interpersonal components), psychological (understanding the clients’ inner world), humanistic (believing that all people are whole and unbroken), and integrative (using a range of coaching styles and believing that each coach is best when bringing their unique style to this work).

These general principles underpin a large number of life coaching schools, with a key note here being the focus on whole-person rather than performance-based coaching.

Animas Certification cost relative to other programs:

Cost of Animas Life Coaching Certification, Review 2021

Where do students go after Animas?

Given the relatively less expensive cost of the program, Animas is perfect for new coaches looking to learn foundational skills as well as currently practicing wellness professionals looking to add new skills (and value) to their work.

Some graduates, bring Animas’ training internally to their organization, remaining as HR professionals or manages, some use the certification program to launch their coaching business, and some as noted, bring the skills to their existing client-based business.

Videos demonstrating Animas Life Coaching’s approach:

An Introduction to Animas Coaching

Check our Animas’ Youtube library of discussions, lectures, and other coaching resources.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a strong foundation from which you can offer individuals profound impact in their personal or professional lives, Animas is an excellent choice. 

Its 5 modules provide both the structures and processes you may use in your practice as well as the soft skills needed to listen and remain present with your clients. With peer support in a Triad, master coach support in Supervision, and Reflective Practice Groups to gain feedback and insights from a variety of perspectives, you will have all of the resources needed to provide transformational coaching to those you hope to impact the most.