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Calling in the One Coaching Certification Program Review

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Reviews

This review is written by a coach who has completed Calling in the One’s (CITO) life coaching certification program and in conversation with many other CITO coaches to give the most accurate insights about who will benefit from the CITO program.

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Perfect for:

New or seasoned coaches interested in love and relationship dynamics.




6 months

Program Strengths:

  • High volume of live practice. 
  • Mentorship from master coaches.
  • Learn “how to be a coach”


This program is not for those who wish to hide out. The nature of this work – shifting the underlying consciousness from which we have been living and generating all of our relationships – requires a willingness to swim in deep waters. It’s a rigorous program chock full of content; Katherine does not skimp on providing guidance or support.

The beauty of it is that you will have a plethora of resources that model Katherine’s deep, intuitive, and precise style of coaching. Your Mentor Coach will provide you with specific feedback on your coaching sessions, and weekly small group meetings offer you the benefits of connecting with your peers and learning from each other’s experiences. The required and suggested reading list supports you in building a strong foundation in the most recent developments and research in relationship dynamics. 

The Approach and Coursework:

The program is based on the work Katherine Woodward Thomas, and the ideas explored in Thomas’ famous New York Times best-selling novel, “Conscious Uncoupling.”

This framework recognizes that a large number of the population struggles to form fulfilling relationships and that many people suffer from painful relationship patterns (push/pull, long stretches of isolation, being involved with unavailable people, etc.). The Calling in “The One” approach offers a tool to do it differently.

While coaches use CITO’s frameworks in many ways, the general framework encourages clients to read and complete exercises in the Calling in ‘The One’ book while meeting with their Coach each week.

The book is designed as an 8 week program, with 7 weeks of lessons, moving from identifying patterns to deepening into the somatic experiences and beliefs that underlie such behavior to finally shifting those patterns. From there, coaches work with clients to align their choices to the future they intend to create.

What is powerful about the CITO framework, is that it takes the deeply complex personal and interpersonal transformation process and gives coaches a clear framework to help move clients into large and meaningful life shifts.

Where People go after CITO certification:

Many graduates stay in Katherine’s community as coaches and go on to complete the Conscious Uncoupling Coach Training.

Once they establish their business, many graduates work full-time as coaches.

Those who are therapists expand their practice to include CITO packages with great success.

Videos to learn about Kathryn Woodward Thomas and CITO:

Kathryn Woodward Thomas on “How to Attract Your Ideal Love.”

Kathryn Woodward Thomas on Conscious Uncoupling

Bottom Line:

The Calling in ‘The One’ Coach Training is well-run and supported in all ways and I can’t recommend it enough if you are touched by Katherine’s work. I suggest reading her books, watching videos on her website, or listening to the countless interviews she has done to ensure that her work resonates with you.

Plenty of relationship coaching in the world stays in the realm of behavior, and while labels, diagnosis, and do-this-not-that guidelines can be useful, the changes are rarely sustainable if the underlying consciousness remains the same. Calling in ‘The One’ is about transforming consciousness and reclaiming the sacred connection to ourselves as the foundation for the level of joy, intimacy, and love that can be generated in our relationships with others.

This training will change you for the better if you let it. Say yes.