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Wayfinder Coach Certification Program Review

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Life Coaching, Reviews

This review is written by a coach who has completed Wayfinder’s Coach Certification program and in conversation with many other Wayfinder coaches to give the most accurate insights about who will benefit most from the Wayfinder program.

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$10,950 (before early discounts)

Perfect for:

New coaches


Typically, 9 months

Program Strengths:

  • Approachable
  • High-integrity
  • Well-paced and digestible information


WayFinder Life Coaching is the brainchild of the renowned Martha Beck. The curriculum and coaching modality are distributed in video’s featuring Martha herself, and Martha speaks and coaches the group on four separate occasions during the training. The rest of the training is led by Wayfinder trained master coaches who host practice sessions to teach and hone the coaching skills spotlighted in the video and written content.

This program was highly digestible!

Trainees were consistently encouraged to go at their own pace and to view all practice sessions and knowledge testing as opportunities to learn.

Wayfinder’s Coaching Approach and Coursework:

The program begins with the absolute coaching basics: ethics, beginner’s tools, mind clearing, and goes beyond and into more elaborate and complex tools.

A significant amount of the training is devoted to developing a competency with Byron Katie’s “The Work.” Be prepared to stay with this tool for two modules of the training.

Overall, I loved this training. It gave me a solid and clear foundation to begin my coaching practice.  It was highly organized and professional! Expectations were made clear and information release was timely. I didn’t even know how well organized it was until I encountered other trainings. Simultaneously, the content was playful and fun to execute. I felt eager and prepared and supported.

Cost of Wayfinder Certification:

Review of Wayfinder Life Coaching Program, Cost 2021

Where people go after completing Wayfinder:

I can’t speak to where others may have gone following the training, but I personally moved on to more specialized training.

I now run a relationship and life coaching practice as well as lead a variety of retreats and group work.

Videos offering a more in-depth review of Wayfinder Coaching:

Martha Beck introducing Wayfinder Coaching

Martha Beck live coaching with a client on “Life Purpose” 

Bottom Line:

Wayfinder is an excellent program for beginner coaches, in particular if you like Martha Beck’s style of coaching which you can get a sense for in the two videos above.